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About the 2023 Competition

All instructions, rules and regulations for the Rubato International Piano Competition are provided on this website. 


  • Classical Division 

    • Level A (10—18) – minimum of 15 minutes, maximum of 20 minutes 

    • Level B (19—27) – minimum of 15 minutes, maximum of 20 minutes 

Repertoire Requirement

Free choice of solo piano repertoire (2-3 pieces) selected from two or more stylistic periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, or 20th-21st century stylistic periods). The styles of the pieces performed should be varied to reflect the abilities of the performer.  


  • Jazz Division 

    • ​(12—27) – minimum of 15 minutes, maximum of 20 minutes

Repertoire Requirement

Free choice of solo piano repertoire (2-3 pieces) selected from two or more jazz styles (Be-bop, Latin Jazz, contemporary). The styles of the pieces performed should be varied to reflect the abilities of the performer.  


  • Deadlines: 

    • February 1st, 2023: Competition Application opens at 

    • July 1st, 2023: Application closes

    • July 14, 2023: Staff announces competition results and notifies competitors of their advancement to the LIVE Semifinal Round in Oxford, AL on August 8-12, 2023. 

    • July 16th, 2023: Semifinalists notify staff of their intent to compete in the Live Semifinal Round in Oxford, AL.



Gold Medalists in previous Rubato International Piano Competitions are not eligible to re-enter the same age level of the competition, but may enter the next age solo division when eligible. Silver and Bronze Medalists may re-enter their age level again and compete for the Gold Medal.



February 1 - July 1, 2023 

The International Piano Competition, Classical and Jazz Divisions, are open to two age groups (age as of July 1, 2023):  


Online Preliminary Round auditions require uploading a video as part of the application by the deadline of July 1, 2023. 


  • Submit: 

    • Current biography (maximum 500 words) in a WORD document file (.doc, .docx). 

    • One (1) color photograph (headshot) uploaded as HI-RES 300dpi JPEG file. 

    • Repertoire List with timings (composer, title of piece, approx. timing) uploaded as a WORD file. If changing repertoire for different rounds, please list repertoire with timings for each progressive round. 

    • Performance video recorded within the past twelve (12) months showing hands and face of applicant.  The video can be a compilation of different takes. However, the platform only allows each applicant to upload one video file.

    • Caution: Upload the online video as early as possible to avoid last minute difficulties in the process. It is helpful to upload one movement at a time in longer sonatas, otherwise the process can be extremely time consuming, and you may miss the deadline for entry. 

    • Application Fee: Both Classical and Jazz Divisions ($35 USD)   

Judging the Online Preliminary Round

For the Online Preliminary Round, a team of judges will evaluate each performance for Technical and Artistic Merit. Competitors with the highest scores will progress to the live Semifinal Round in Oxford, Alabama.   




August 8 - August 12, 2023, live in Oxford, Alabama, USA

Time limits

The time limits for the live Semifinal and Final Rounds of the competition is a minimum of 8, and a maximum of 14 minutes per competitor.

Repertoire requirements

Each competitor is allowed to choose their repertoire, which can compile different pieces, composers, and styles as long as it does not exceed the maximum time limit. Repertoire for the Semifinal and Final Rounds may be the same as for the Preliminary Round. If the competition participant wants to change the solo repertoire in any round, the changes must be noted in the Preliminary Round application where the competition repertoire is listed. Any repertoire listings for any later round may not be changed after July 1, 2023.  



Applicants will be notified of their acceptance to the Semifinal Round by email through the no later than July 14, 2023. Please check frequently for announcements and important updates. 

All pianists selected for the live Semifinal Round must confirm by email their intent to compete no later than July 16, 2023. The Semifinal schedule will then be prepared, and each competitor will receive his or her time of performance.


Judging the LIVE Semifinal Round
For the LIVE Semifinal Round, a team of judges will individually evaluate performances for Technical and Artistic Merit to select the three (3) finalists to compete in the Final Round. 
Judging the LIVE Final Round
For the LIVE Final Round, the team of judges will rate performances and assign a numerical score for Technical Merit and for Artistic Merit. The finalists with the highest composite scores for Technical and Artistic Merit will receive the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals, and other awards. All judges’ decisions are final. 


Arrival Dates 

Selected Semifinalists in all divisions should arrive in Oxford, Alabama on Monday, August 7, 2023. A schedule of rehearsal times, masterclasses and other activities will be sent to all semifinalists via email through

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